Relocate Your IT Department Smoothly

If you’re deciding whether you could handle relocating the data centre of your business by yourself or hiring a service team to help you, then you better choose the latter. Relocating the centre of your database operation can be a very stressful job and most of the companies nowadays choose to hire these experts when it comes to this job.

Hiring a data center relocation service is crucial for every company. They handle all the stress when it comes to selecting the perfect site for you, planning every step of the relocation, project management, and implementing the relocation services. 

Data center migration service is essential when your business is undergoing changes in its IT requirements or needs, rapid growth in business or just relocating your business site. They can help you ease out any problems, sort out your equipment and install everything when all things are at place.

Features of relocating and benefits of hiring a service team
• Pre-move consulting –This is the time where the data center relocation service will study about the IT infrastructure and managing aspects of the target location.
• Approach for the defined relocation – This is where the possible problems are sought out, plans for the contingency are placed, and anticipating all the pitfalls are done.
• Defining the responsibilities and roles of the people involved – All the client personnel, partner, subcontractor and vendor of the business should understand their responsibilities and roles while relocating to the new site in order to avoid any delay and problems.
• Pre-move site preparation and assessment – This is the time where all the equipment are labelled and positioned in its place. This includes labelling the specific devices, cabling requirements, relocation position and other requirements. These will then ensure that equipment will be properly assembled and re-establish all the network devices to reduce the time of work.
• Services for the move implementation – It manages the efficiency of de-installing all the equipment, check-out, loading to the vans or trucks, transporting to the new location, unloading everything, check-in, re-installing all the equipment and re-cabling the wires.
• Re-starting all the IT equipment – Connecting to the power, to the network and connections to SAN all the newly relocated equipment. Reconfigure and re-IP of the networks. Troubleshooting any equipment and devices that do not properly communicate to the network.
• Equipment recertification – Giving warranties to all the equipment and devices to avoid any downtime.
• Post-move consulting – For the business to effectively and quickly go back to their business operation, the data center migration service will do a list completion of the relocation process, documenting all the equipment and elements and cleaning up all the mess.