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3 Reasons To Source Office Supplies Online

There is enough evidence to show that office supplies can amount to as much as 40% of the total running cost of a company. The way office supplies are used in most offices leave much to be desired. Since most office supplies can be bought relatively cheap, employees tend to undermine the cumulative cost of such supplies. As such they do not pay attention to the effects their actions may have on the cost of running the company. For examples, some employees will print even the shortest emails for no good reason.

However, for those who manage these office supplies, the duty rest on them to ensure that employees respect any existing policies on the use of inventory or if there isn’t any one yet suggests to top management the need for such policies. While the office supply manager is clamouring for support from the management, they too should on their part use practices that will ensure that they get the best goods. For example instead of sourcing for goods from brick and mortar stores, they can go online. For example many people find that they can get recycled toilet paper for far cheaper prices. There are other reason why sourcing online is better

Easy Price Comparison

When you search for office supplies online, even before you get to choose suppliers to use, you can easily see the prices at which the goods of interest are being sold online. This will help give you leverage when you are negotiating price with suppliers as you will already have an idea about the price range to expect.

Access to more suppliers

As you search online you will come across many suppliers offering services at affordable prices. The internet offers a platform on which suppliers from far and near can be used for the different services needed by companies. Thanks to the many courier services available at affordable prices, delivery is no longer a problem as long as the orders are sent in time.

Access to better terms of contract

Since there are many suppliers online competing for your business, they will do all them can to get awarded the contract. As such it becomes possible to insert into the contract more favourable terms. Even without you asking, they will offer better terms so they can have an edge over their competitor. Note that such terms may have nothing to do with monetary arrangements.

As the person in charge of office supplies in your office, you can help your office cut cost by sourcing for goods and services online. Through this, you may be able to buy 3 ply toilet paper online at cheaper prices better than if you had to buy directly from a store. However all you efforts to help the company control cost would be wasted if you don’t put control measures for employees to follow.